building the contemporary book

Students will develop a strong working knowledge of the tools and materials used in contemporary book arts while learning how to integrate structure with content in the development of their own one-of-a-kind books. Students will develop and build on creative ideas using the artists' book as a medium, focusing on the use of non-adhesive binding as a means to producing contemporary books. Whatever a student's discipline, re-conceiving ideas as an artists' book will expand and enrich their understanding of those ideas. Students will use various methods to explore the structure and content of contemporary book making and explore new ways of thinking.

PRMK 312 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring, Summer
Prerequisite: None

the graphic novel in europe

In this course we will explore the form of visual literature commonly known as “comics” or “comic art”. More specifically, our concentration will focus on the genres of the “9th Art”, the graphic novel in Europe. The graphic novel is regarded highly as an art form in Europe. Referred to as “Bandes Dessinées, or "drawn strips", this art form makes no designation as to its content. We will analyze the art and the stories that have made graphic fiction the most popular form of literature in the world. Through in-depth reading and discussions of texts we will discover the fundamental principles of graphic novels/ comic books as an art form and apply knowledge of the medium to the creation of graphic novels/comics.

PRMK 356 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring

artists’ books and self publishing

This class introduces students to the world of contemporary independent publishing, focusing particularly on the various ways an artist, designer, photographer or illustrator might use the short run, self published book format to explore ideas and work collaboratively with other artists. Students will learn a range of skills, including techniques in both mechanized and hand-pulled forms of printed media (Risograph, Letterpress, Mimeograph,); short- run editions and binding; design and layout; pre-press and print production. The course aims to develop a balance between formal book making and authorship.Students will learn about and become acquainted with some of the most significant independent publishers working today and throughout history. At the same time students are required to develop their own ideas through research and conceptualization which they then employ as content for their books. Students will leave class having completed individual projects and a final book in an edition of ten, designed, developed and published in class.

PRMK 357 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring, Summer

advanced projects

Advanced work in the development and production of one substantial book project over the course of the semester. The book may use text, imagery, and range of various print techniques. Production issues will cover editing, design, typesetting, proofreading, printing and binding. At the completion of the semester the student will have printed and published an editioned set of their artist’s book.

PRMK 490 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: by prior approval