super 8mm film studio I

This course explores Super-8mm film production, addressing aesthetic, technical, and conceptual concerns. It is a class for those with little or no previous experience and are interested in working with film as a fine art discipline. Basic shooting and editing techniques will be covered and you will be introduced to a wide range of production methods and creative strategies that encourage exploration and risk-taking. This is a hands-on class that promotes the exchange of ideas, offers new ways of seeing, and encourages experimentation. Screenings will include student work (in-progress and finished), as well as films by established filmmakers.

FLM 1015 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None

super 8mm film studio II

Students will continue to develop their film making skills by working on individual films, emphasizing personal expression and technical concerns. Relevant technical processes will include the camera, composition, lighting, and editing. Students will be introduced to the moving image as a language system and medium for self expression. The class views and analyzes important historical and contemporary films, discusses and critiques students' work, and completes assigned readings from history and theory of cinema.

FLM 1025
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: Film I