silkscreen I

This course will explore the printmaking art of Silkscreen as a mode of creative expression addressing issues of process, techniques of utilizing drawn and photo-generated processes and image development. All aspects of screen printing techniques are covered, from image generation issues and screen preparation, to the use of screen printing as a creative medium. The course will focus on the creation and development of multiple-run edition prints based on the development of a particular idea. Projects are designed to challenge students to consider their ideas within this specific medium and its context within printmaking and contemporary art.

PRMK 209 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None

silkscreen II

While continuing to master the technical process of screenprinting, students will be encouraged to develop personal ideas and images. Demonstrations will explore further technical possibilities including multiple screen color printing and non-standard techniques. Students will produce a portfolio of editioned prints.

PRMK 309 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: Silkscreen I

silkscreen III

While refining the technical process of screenprintng, concept and image will always be considered throughout the course. There will be continued demonstrations and the use of non-standard techniques. Students are expected to work independently, define their own projects, realize goals they have established and produce a portfolio of editioned prints. The printmaking classes will hold individual and group critiques and will participate in field trips.

PRMK 409 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: Silkscreen I & II