graphic design

This course offers foundation skills relevant to the discipline of graphic designand become familiar with the design process. Students develop and work with basic design principles,formal elements of typography, color and principles for solving communication problems. The class will conduct research, generate ideas, study form and media and learn to discuss their personal work as well as that of others.

GD 220 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None

typography I

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of typography, a study of the design and use of basic letterforms, typographic contrast, hierarchy of information, major type families and their characteristics, typographic grids, and questions of legibility and aesthetics. The class will discuss typography as both as a technical skill and an expressive medium.

GD 260 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None


In this hands on studio course students will explore the diverse techniques and approaches used in creating illustration which may be used for book and magazine illustration, web, and surface design. Students learn to be adept at variety of media including drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, and non-traditional processes. Through projects, discussions, and lectures, students acquire an understanding of all aspects of illustration.

ILL 278(3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None

typography II

Building on the fundamentals of typographic form and function introduced in Typography I students continue their typographic education by looking at issues of text type, typographic structure and hierarchy. They develop their sensitivity to type at both a macro and micro level, and explore issues related to typography for print and screen environments. Students are encouraged to experiment and to explore the relationship between type as image and type as communication. Readings will be assigned throughout the semester

GD 360 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: Typography I

illustration and publishing on the risograph

This course introduces students to illustration for combining digital technology with traditional print media. Students will learn a range of analog and digital skills including design and layout, book binding and publishing.The class will prepare short- run editions and learn to print with the Risograph printer. There will be a variety of in-class demos, exercises, projects and assignments.

Ill 330 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring, Summer

interaction design with augmented reality

The course explores the production and practices in the development of emerging forms of interactive multimedia technology and communications. Students will use the Aurasma Web Browser technology to experiment with Mixed and Augmented Reality, with a particular emphasis on the interaction between the virtual object and the real world bringing to life abstract concepts in an environment that includes both augmented reality and real-world elements. During the course students will learn the fundamentals of design, layout and typography integrating it with video, audio, photography and other visual elements to create interactive media combining digital printing and the world wide web. At the completion of the course each student will have produced an original interactive digital print and internet project from their semester in Italy.

GD 350 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite –None

intro to web design

This course will provide students the opportunity to explore the World Wide Web as a medium of visual communication. Students will learn technical and design skills for web site publishing. Topics covered in this course range from web design to interactive, screen-based publication and display formats; commercial websites, internet art and web journals. Creative as well as investigative approaches to network-driven concepts are encouraged. Additionally, a survey of the creative uses of the Internet by a variety of artists is included. Students must provide their own laptop.

DIGT 356 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring, Summer
Prerequisite: Digital I