introduction to letterpress

By means of traditional hand typesetting, students will work with metal and antique wooden type with ornaments and print with a variety of papers on a letterpress.Through a number of experiments and projects students will gain an understanding of the history of printing type, book formats, fundamental terminology and other related equipment. Students will produce one-of-a-kind books and small editions or portfolios.

PRMK 308 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring, Summer
Prerequisite: none

innovative letterpress

This course is open to advanced students that desire to work and create a body of work that’s of an experimental nature using the letterpress process. Students are required to use letterpress printing in their work and explore additional media as it applies to the creative process including drawing, bookmaking, printmaking, (traditional and digital), editorial design, posters, Photography etc. Students are encouraged to combine mediums in this class. This course is designed to introduce students to various aspects of creative letterpress printing. This class is intended to address, discuss ideas and encourage conversation of the creative development of the students work as it applies to letterpress in graphic design, bookmaking, printmaking, the applied and fine arts. Students will explore mixing media while working in letterpress.

PRMK 311 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring, Summer
Prerequisite –Letterpress I