lithography studio I

This course is an introduction to the basic processes and techniques of lithography. It will introduce ideas, materials and fundamental techniques of drawing and painting on and from lithographic stones primarily in black and white. Includes lectures, demonstrations, critiques, and practical experience

PRMK 231 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None

lithography studio II

This Intermediate level class will have a particular emphasis on multi color printing and special processes including photo reproduction. Development of technical and conceptual skills will continue with the goal of developing an individual approach to a full integration of ideas, materials and processes. Students will produce a portfolio of editioned prints.

PRMK 331 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: Lithography I

print media workshop

This summer course introduces students to basic printmaking equipment and processes. Taught at the appropriate level for each individual student a variety of printmaking techniques are covered, including monotype, relief and etching.

PRMK 234-334-444 (3 credits)
Summer only
Prerequisite: None

lithography studio III

In this advanced level course students will individually determine the subjective and visual content of their work based on sources including ideas, materials and perception. Traditional as well as cutting edge and cross- disciplinary approaches to Lithography are supported. Students will produce a professional portfolio of work

PNTG 440 (3 credits)
Fall, Spring
Prerequisite –Lithography I & II